90 minute party (suitable for ages 5+)

As above plus learning a dance and themed games. The party ends sat down at the table for food.

£180 maximum 25 children to ensure children are tattooed/face painted.


2hr party (suitable for ages 5+)

As above plus half way through the party the character will join the children for lunch, bring out the birthday cake and goody bags.  £200. Maximum 30 children.


Exchange face painter for Anna to help lead party for no extra cost.


Extras include:

* Pinata £25

* 'Frozen' photoboard to pose for photos at £10

* Themed card and gift £10

* Room decor £150

* Castle staging £160 (see photo 1 opposite, 2hrs set up, 1 hr pack away time requried. On site car parking essential and height of venue needs to be 10ft). This option includes the whole castle with the Throne wall placed against the back wall with the rest of the castle further into the room so that children can 'go inside' of the castle

* Castle wall £120 (see photo 2). 1hr set up time. Includes same as Archway below plus 2 walls, 8 spires and balloons. Children can go 'inside' the castle.

* Castle archway staging. £70. (See photo 3).This includes 2 tall towers, 2 short towers and 1 arch.  Decoration in either flowers and ivy or ice and snow.  There are curtains for the archway, 4 spires and topknots on top of the spires. Battery operated fairy lights twined around the towers and battery operated up-lights inside the tall towers. Sashes around the short towers and archway.  2 domed lights. This makes a good entrance way into the room, or against the back wall for a photo opportunity. 30 mins set up time required.

*Throne wall staging £70. (See photo 4). 30 mins set up. This includes 2 tall towers, 2 inner walls with false doors, 2 spires with topknots.  Decoration in either flowers and ivy or ice and snow.  The throne is included (please note throne being redesigned to turn it into a chair).  Battery operated fairy lights twined around the towers and walls, battery operated up-lights inside the tall towers, organza sashes joining the 2 walls together and draped on the top of the throne. Drape and cushion included for the throne.  20 air filled balloons, 2 domed lights. This is ideal for photo opportunities or as a lovely backdrop at the centre of the back wall.


Add lighting to any staging £40


Travel expenses may apply to staging extras.

Ice Princess Party

The names of the characters refer to lookalikes only. "We are not associated or affiliated with and TV, film or entertainment company. Our unofficial tribute lookalike costumes are all part of a personal and private collection and appear for fun at all events. We do not claim to be any original TV or Film character, only lookalikes. We do not sell to third parties or provide any official merchandise or official costumes".

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60 minute Ice Princess/Snow Queen Party (suitable for ages 3-5 years)


Face painter and glitter tattooist

Costumed 'Snow Queen/Ice Princess' professional dancer/singer

*Party dances (follow the leader', 'heads, shoulders, knees and toes', 'the birdy song' and the 'hokey cokey').

*Musical bumps to themed songs

*A song or dance performance for the children to watch

*Themed sing song with actions

*Themed pass a parcel with prizes for every child.

*Plus x4 medals prizes for the birthday child, best singer, best dancer and winner of musical bumps. Recommended 20 children. Recommended numbers are to guarantee all faces are painted to the highest quality. £150