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"Lovely face painting and  entertainment. Just right for 15 little 5 yr old princesses and their knights in shining armour!" Katie Ford


"Great day! My daughter loved every minute! Very professional service. Best party ever according to my daughter! Would very much recommend!"- Louise Wagstaffe


"Thank you so much today for making my son's pirate party amazing, the kids left saying it was the best ever and all the parents said how professional and how fantastic you were at keeping all the kids attention. The ship was amazing too, it was the finishing touch"- Kerry Hakizimana


Tel: 07867 504 626

Email: info@dynamiquedance.com


Katie Keating (stage name Katie Davidson) trading as Dynamique Dance & Parties ‘


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Leicestershire - Nottinghamshire - Rutland - Derbyshire - Northamptonshire - Lincolnshire - West Midlands - Birmingham -Sheffield - Doncaster - Staffordshire- Cambridge - Peterborough


Travel expenses apply @ 45p per mile 21+ miles from NG4 4FL. First 20 miles are FREE.

See our map: https://www.mapdevelopers.com/draw-circle-tool.php?circles=%5B%5B40233.5%2C52.978478%2C-1.0971359%2C%22%23AA184D%22%2C%22%23000000%22%2C0%5D%5D




Dance parties Leicester. Dance parties Derby. Dance parties Nottingham. Dance parties Doncaster. Dance parties Sheffield. Dance parties Rutland. Dance parties Northamptonshire. Dance parties Lincolnshire.


Frozen parties Leicester. Frozen parties Derby.Frozen parties Nottingham. Frozen parties Doncaster. Frozen parties Sheffield. Frozen parties Rutland. Frozen parties Northamptonshire. Frozen parties Lincolnshire.


Monster High parties Leicester. Monster High parties Derby. Monster High parties Nottingham. Monster High parties Doncaster. Monster High parties Sheffield. Monster High parties Rutland. Monster High parties Northamptonshire. Monster High parties Lincolnshire.


Princess parties Leicester. Princess parties Derby. Princess parties Nottingham. Princess parties Doncaster. Princess Sheffield. Princess parties Rutland. Princess parties Northamptonshire. Princess parties Lincolnshire.


Cheerleading parties Leicester. Cheerleading parties Derby. Cheerleading parties Nottingham. Cheerleading  parties Doncaster. Cheerleading parties Sheffield. Cheerleading  parties Rutland. Cheerleading  parties Northamptonshire. Cheerleading  parties Lincolnshire.


Toddler parties Leicester. Toddler parties Derby. Toddler parties Nottingham. Toddler parties Doncaster. Toddler parties Sheffield. Toddler parties Rutland. Toddler  parties Northamptonshire. Toddler  parties Lincolnshire.


Star Wars parties Leicester. Star Wars parties Derby. Star Wars  parties Nottingham. Star Wars parties Doncaster. Star Wars parties Sheffield. Star Wars parties Rutland. Star Wars parties Northamptonshire. Star Wars parties Lincolnshire.


Minion parties Leicester. Minion parties Derby. Minion parties Nottingham. Minion parties Doncaster. Minion parties Sheffield. Minion parties Rutland. Minion parties Northamptonshire. Minion parties Lincolnshire.


Pirate parties Leicester. Pirate parties Derby.Pirate parties Nottingham. Pirate parties Doncaster. Pirate parties Sheffield. Pirate parties Rutland. Pirate parties Northamptonshire. Pirate parties Lincolnshire.


Character meet and greets Leicester. Character meet and greets Derby. Character meet and greets Nottingham. Character meet and greets Doncaster. Character meet and greets Sheffield. Character meet and greets Rutland. Character meet and greets Northamptonshire. Character meet and greets Lincolnshire.


Party goody bags Leicester. Party goody bags Derby. Party goody bags Nottingham. Party goody bags Doncaster.Party goody bags Sheffield. Party goody bags Rutland. Party goody bags Northamptonshire. Party goody bags Lincolnshire.

Party decor Leicester. Party decor Derby. Party decor  Nottingham. Party decor Doncaster.Party decor Sheffield. Party decor Rutland. Party decor Northamptonshire. Party decor Lincolnshire.


Face painter Leicester. Face painter Derby. Face painter Nottingham. Face painter Doncaster. Face painter Sheffield. Face painter Rutland. Face painter Northamptonshire. Face painter Lincolnshire.


Glitter tattoos Leicester. Glitter tattoos  Derby. Glitter tattoos Nottingham. Glitter tattoos Doncaster. Glitter tattoos  Sheffield. Glitter tattoos Rutland. Glitter tattoos  Northamptonshire. Glitter tattoos  Lincolnshire.


Pop star parties. 1D & Little Mix parties Leicester. Pop star parties. 1D & Little Mix parties Derby. Pop star parties. 1D & Little Mix parties Nottingham. Pop star parties. 1D & Little Mix parties  Doncaster. Pop star parties. 1D & Little Mix parties   Sheffield. Pop star parties. 1D & Little Mix parties Rutland. Pop star parties. 1D & Little Mix parties  Northamptonshire. Pop star parties. 1D & Little Mix parties Lincolnshire.


Kids discos Leicester.  Kids discos Derby. Kids discos Nottingham. Kids discos Doncaster. Kids discos Sheffield. Kids discos Rutland. Kids discos  Northamptonshire. Kids discos Lincolnshire.


Party cakes and sweets Leicester.  Party cakes and sweets Derby. Party cakes and sweets Nottingham.Party cakes and sweets Doncaster. Party cakes and sweets Sheffield. Party cakes and sweets Rutland. Party cakes and sweets  Northamptonshire.Party cakes and sweets Lincolnshire.


Bouncy castle Leicester.  Bouncy castle  Derby. Bouncy castle  Nottingham


Dance hen party Leicester.  Dance hen party  Derby. Dance hen party  Nottingham. Dance hen party Doncaster. Dance hen party  Sheffield. Dance hen party  Rutland. Dance hen party Northamptonshire. Dance hen party Lincolnshire.


Corporate childrens entertainment Leicester.  Corporate childrens entertainment Derby. Corporate childrens entertainment Nottingham. Corporate childrens entertainment Doncaster. Corporate childrens entertainment Sheffield. Corporate childrens entertainment Rutland. Corporate childrens entertainment Northamptonshire. Corporate childrens entertainment Lincolnshire.


Childrens entertainment Leicester.  Childrens entertainment Derby. Childrens entertainment Nottingham. Childrens entertainment Doncaster. Childrens entertainment Sheffield. Childrens entertainment Rutland. Childrens entertainment Northamptonshire. Childrens entertainment Lincolnshire.


Christening entertainment Leicester. Christening entertainment Derby. Christening entertainment Nottingham. Christening  entertainment Doncaster. Christening entertainment Sheffield. Christening  entertainment Rutland. Christening entertainment Northamptonshire. Christening entertainment Lincolnshire.


Bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah entertainment Leicester. Bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah entertainment Derby. Bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah  entertainment Nottingham. Bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah entertainment Doncaster. Bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah  entertainment Sheffield. Bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah  entertainment Rutland. Bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah entertainment Northamptonshire. Bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah  entertainment Lincolnshire.


Ballet, jazz, street dance parties Leicester. Ballet, jazz, street dance parties Derby. Ballet, jazz, street dance parties Nottingham. Ballet, jazz, street dance parties Doncaster. Ballet, jazz, street dance parties Sheffield. Ballet, jazz, street dance parties Rutland. Ballet, jazz, street dance parties Northamptonshire.Ballet, jazz, street dance parties entertainment Lincolnshire.


Fairy parties Leicester. Fairy  parties Derby. Fairy dance parties Nottingham. Fairy dance parties Doncaster. Fairy  parties Sheffield. Fairy parties Rutland. Fairy parties Northamptonshire.Fairy  parties entertainment Lincolnshire.