Why choose us?


Dynamique Parties is a homegrown business, small enough to care yet big enough to deliver! Director Katie is involved in the day to day running of the company, trains all her staff personally and still delivers parties herself. Because of this we are consistently excellent and aware of what the client requires. Katie performs regular spot checks on her staff to ensure they are up to date with training and consistently delivering outstanding parties. Katie is a QTS qualified dance teacher and has over 7 years experience teaching children of a range of ages. This means that all parties are designed with children's sensory, behaviour and creative requirements in mind. Parties are designed to capture the imagination of children and are fast paced to keep the little ones busy. Many clients comment on how captivated the children are and how little they have to do! Each staff member who delivers the parties is a professional within the field of arts. Some are currently training at top institutions including Expressions (Mansfield) and MADD (Nottingham), whilst others have dance degrees and have performed all over the world. We also have qualified nursery nurses working for us, again highlighting how our staff are experienced in childcare and the arts! We offer flexible timings and no travel costs within 20miles of NG4


To Book- Choose the party you require & complete the enquiry booking form. You will receive a confirmation of booking form via email with 14 days to make a deposit payment to secure the booking.

Frequently asked questions


Do I need to book a venue?

Yes. Community centres, dance studios and school halls are all suitable. Please ensure there is enough room for 30 children to move about. Any bouncy castles or other entertainment should be in a separate room or happen after our entertainment. We are flexible regarding timings. Contact our partners for suitable venue hire.


Do parents need to stay?

No. In fact there will be more room and the children will be more focused without people sitting around the edges of the room. We suggest collecting the children at the end of the party if children are aged 6+ or seating parents in another room. Children under 6 would benefit from parent supervision and interaction. The client should remain in attendance and be responsible for toilet trips, drinks and the overall welfare of the children.


When should I feed the children?

During parties under 90 minutes please feed the children before or after our entertainment. We will provide a 5 minute drink break. We will arrange a 20 minute lunch break during 2 hour parties, the time can be negotiated at the start of the party with the entertainer. We recommend half way through.


Where will the costumed entertainers change?

Ideally your venue will have a back room or we can use the toilet, however to not spoil the illusion clothes will need to be left there. The entertainer may ask the client to look after their valuables. Please support the entertainer to set up their music equipment etc without being seen by the children as they are likely to have their wig and make up on. Thank you. Mascots will need assistance getting into the costume and guiding to and from the changing area due to limited vision.


Will you bring business cards?

Yes. Entertainers will ask that business cards are left in party bags and at the venue. Some entertainers will also have large roller banners with them on display. Posters/leaflets will be left at venues too.


When should I pay the entertainer?

Payment is required on arrival.


Will you need any help?

It would help the entertainers if any latecomers were brought to us and any children under 3 were supervised  1:1 by an adult. Most parties we will not require any support and you can sit back and relax. If there are any problems with behaviour we would appreciate intervention so that we can focus on the birthday child.


What prizes are in the pass a parcel?

Sweet prizes for all children plus one overall prize for the winner. Let us know at the time of booking if sweets need swapping for toys.


Are all staff DBS checked?

No.  "Checks have never been needed for work in private homes or for general children’s party work."- March 2013, Equity, Disclosure and Barring Service- A guide for Children's Entertainers and freelance entertainers. "The role of a children’s entertainer is not listed in the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act (ROA) 1974 and is not Prescribed in The Police Act 1997. The role of a children’s entertainer does not appear to involve regularly caring for, training, supervising or being solely in charge of persons under 18 and or vulnerable adults. Therefore eligibility does not appear to exist."- http://www.cookietheclown.co.uk/news-and-updates.html. Our parties are supervised by parents and other adults meaning children are never left alone with entertainers. However of course should you require a DBS checked teacher please request this at the time of booking and we will ensure that the booked entertainer brings a copy of their certificate along with them. Director Katie Keating has an enhanced DBS check.


What should the children wear?

All our parties include a degree of dancing. Children should be dressed appropriately for their own health and safety. Ideally leggings/trousers and flat shoes. We are not liable for any injury.


Do you provide the music?

Yes all entertainers have their own loud CD/IPOD players. Only our mini discos include DJ equipment and DJ speakers and lights.


How many children can we invite?

Please look at the party 'maximum amounts' and please adhere to this. This is to ensure that the entertainer has the optimal number of children for formations and behaviour management and it also ensures all children get their faces painted and extras to keep where applicable. We recommend a maximum of 20 children for 1hr facepainting, 25 x90 mins and 30 x2hrs. More children will require an additional staff member.


How long do you need to set up?

Entertainers that need to change will arrive 30 minutes before, face painters and most dance entertainers will arrive 20-15 mins before. Mini Disco DJS will require 1-2 hrs set up and break down time before and after the party. Any booked staging/decor can take up to 2 hrs set up.


Are you affiliated with Disney, Lucas Film, Dreamworks, Universal Pictures, Marvel?

We have costumes, characters, jewellery, hairstyles and props derived from our imaginations and DO NOT claim to be associated with any copyrighted or name brand character. Our characters come from Storybook fables that have been around longer than Disney. Resemblances between our entertainers and the copyrighted characters is not intentional, and is purely incidental. All clients booking us must be in acceptance that our characters are not representing licensed copyrighted characters or their stories. Please do not confuse our characters with the Walt Disney Trademarked characters. Dynamique Parties has no association with the Walt Disney Company or other organisations and franchises. We instead offer lookalike characters whose appearances will differ slightly.


Do you provide any extras?

Yes please consult our 'extras' page for photo booth prop boxes, gifts, birthday sash, bubble machines, pinatas and more!


Do you charge travel & parking?

Yes parties within 20 miles of NG4 4FL are FREE, further on we charge 45p per mile. Parking fees will apply for venues where there is no on site free car parking.


Can I book last minute?

Sometimes we can help out, other times we are fully booked. however we do reserve the right to add on a £50 surcharge (when booked within 14 days of the party/event date) to cover express delivery on party items and additional last minute admin required, due to the last minute nature of the booking.